Math 114 Seminar Schedule

Fall 2017

Last update: Monday, 5. May, 2017



Each seminar consists of five weeks of three 50min classes or two 80min classes per week.


The seminars will start after the midterm on October and will run until the end of classes in Fall 2017.


The total cost is $140 (GST incl.)


Payment is accepted in cash, cheque (payable to the University of Alberta) and debit.


Registration takes place Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 9:00-12:00, in CAB 289.



The following Math 114 Seminars lecture sections are available:





Mon & Wed & Fri  9am-9:50am


Mon & Wed & Fri  10am-10:50am


Mon & Wed & Fri  12pm-12:50pm


Tues & Thur  9:30am-10:50am


Tues & Thur  11am-12:20pm



Additional drop-in help-sessions will be held: Mon-Fri 1pm-3pm in TBA

CAB = Central Academic Building, T B = Tory Basement, C E = Chemistry East


For further information, or if you have comments about this schedule, please email us at


Refund Policy: A full/partial refund is issued for any MASC seminar if and only if a notification of withdrawal from the seminar was received in the registration office in CAB 289 either in person or in writing.The refunded amount is prorated according to the remaining seminar sessions at the time of withdrawal.