Math Prep Workshops

Mathematics Preparation for Engineers ($90 incl. GST): 

Our classes are specifically designed to prepare you for your first university-level calculus course - it’s not the same as high school!

This eight-hour workshop features an intensive review of differential and integral calculus, with an eye towards preparing students for the rigours of Math 100.

Topics include limits (including indeterminate forms), continuity, the derivative (definition, properties, rules of differentiation), applications of the derivative (curve sketching, related rates), anti-derivatives, and properties of the definite integral (definition, Fundamental Theorem).  

These courses are also recommended for those who have not studied mathematics recently, and for those entering Math 101 in the Fall term.

Students are assumed to have successfully completed Pure Math 30 and Math 31 (or equivalents).

Algebraic Techniques for Engineering Calculus ($35 incl. GST):

This three-hour workshop is a review of concepts and algebraic skills necessary for success in mathematics in general and calculus in particular.

Topics include mathematical logic, absolute value, solving inequalities, graphing transformed functions, and the algebra of functions (piecewise, composite).

Session Dates will be announced in March 2018.

Please email us at if you want to be notified when registration opens.